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Slide Accesories: CS magazines | Standard magazines| Kodak and Elmo magazines| Hanimex,Kinderman and Zett Royal magazines| Cabin magazines| Manually assembled plastic slide mounts | Complementary accesories| Filing Systems Dark Room accesories: Tanks and Spirals | Darkroom safelights | Darkroom Kit's | Developing Trays | Graduated Cylinders | 35mm Cartridge openers | 35mm Film picker | Air reduction storage bottle | 40º Straight Thermometter | Tongs and Paddles Industrial Lab: Bulk loading 35mm film | Slide mounts 5x5 (24x36) for mounting machines | Manually assembled slide mounts | Miscellaneous accesories | APS file | Fotocassettes APS | Fotocassettes APS II | Fotocassettes 35mm | Fotocassettes 35mm 13x19 Casing film: Machinery | 35mm Film cartridge | Accesories for 35mm film | Other Products Frames: Photo Frames Super 8 reels: Super 8 reels Novocolor: Novocolor Pelicula Profesional: Profilm Private Brands: AP Accesories | Single use films and cameras | CD

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