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View box


Light box with a 15x25 cm screen for viewing negatives, slides and other transparencies. A "must" for all laboratories, photographic studios and advertising agencies for selection, finishing touches and verification work. Its collapsible foot facilitates work in a leaning position. It allows fixing vertical positioning on a wall. At the top of the screen a clip bar holds the transparencies steady when used vertically. Lit by a 8 W. fluorescent tube. Works with 6 batteries (1.5V. LR 14) or with a 9V. (DC 600 mA) adaptor to the mains. Manufactured in compliance with the current electrical EU regulations.

APP 315000 View Box.

APP 315030View box set. Contains view box, 8x AP loupe and adaptor to the mains (110- 120/60 Hz).

APP 315040 View box set. Contains view box, 8x AP loupe and adaptor to the mains (220- 230/50 Hz).


View box

APP 315200 - Battery powered slide viewer


5x5 slide viewer. 2x loupe. 60x50 mm optics. Collapsible foot. Works with 2 batteries of 1.5 V LR6 which supply power to a bulb of 2.5 V. 300 mA, E10. Manufactured in compliance with the current electrical EU regulations. Supplied without batteries.

Battery powered slide viewer

Pocket slide viewer


For 5x5 slide viewing and negative strips of 135. 2x loupe, 20 mm Ø. Available in four colours: black, blue, yellow and orange.

APP 315300 Display case with 12 viewers in assorted colours.

APP 315320 Blister pack with one unit.

Pocket slide viewer

8x magnifier loupe


Desk loupe with a 8x magnification lens, 24 mm Ø. Transparent foot base. Measurements: 50x50x43 mm.

APP 315500 Display case with 10 units individually packed..

APP 315520 Blister pack with one unit.

8x magnifier loupe

Visor con luz para diapositivas automático


Visor de diapositivas 5x5 con pasador automático. Con depósito para almacenar hasta 60 diapositivas. Pantalla de 2x aumentos de 75x75 mm.

Tiene un pie inclinable con posicionamientos a 45 y 60º. Funciona con corriente eléctrica y dispone de un cable de 1,70 m. Incluye un conjunto intercambiable que le permite funcionar también con pilas (2x1,5V, LR14, no incluidas) y bombilla de 2,5V, E10.

APP 315240 ( 110-120/60 Hz. )

APP 315230 ( 220-230/50 Hz. )

Visor con luz para diapositivas automático
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