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Antonio Peñarroya AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, S.L starts activities in 2000 from the merging of the Companies PHOTO-PLASTIC, S.A. and VALLES INTERTRADING, S.A., therefore AP PHOTO is a young Company but with the experience that offers 30 years in the international photographic market.

Antonio Peñarroya founded and is managing AP PHOTO, and actually is the President of the Company.

The staff is composed by 100 high qualified workers in the different operation Divisions of AP PHOTO.

AP PHOTO is entirely specialised in the manufacturing and commercialisation of photographic accessories and products. The 70% of the production is for the international market. Currently the sales net is in more than 60 countries in which stand out for its high business turnover USA, Germany and U.K.

AP PHOTO is commercialising their products under own AP brand. At the same time is collaborating with well reputed international Companies producing products under their brands and under special technical specifications.

AP PHOTO is exhibiting their products at the best photographic world events like PMA (USA), Photokina (Germany), a part of the existing events in Spain. Last year the PHOTOKINA organisation gave an award to AP PHOTO on occasion of the 20 years of continuous attendance to this Show.

AP PHOTO has the ISO 9001 certification since 1998 for the process of manufacturing, commercialisation and service.

AP PHOTO has 9.500 square meters in their different production centres all located at Barberà del Vallès (15km far from Barcelona).

AP PHOTO controls, from their four production centres the 100% of the production process and commercialisation:

- Investigation, design and improvement of accessories.
- Building of moulds and production equipment.
- Production of accessories both in plastic and metallic.
- Assembling and packing of all products.

AP PHOTO also distributes well reputed photographic products like: 3M, AP, AP CRISTALL, BRAVO, CASIO, DELSEY, ENERGIZER, EPSON, FERRANIA, FUJI, GOLLA, GPI, HP, KINGSTON, KODAK, MITSUBISHI, NOKIA, NOVOCOLOR, OLYPUS, PHILIPS, PHOTOLAB, POLAROID, PROFILM, SANDISK, SONY, STAS, TDK, UNIFILM, for which has 2 operative centres in Madrid and Canary Islands a part of the headquarters located in Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona).
  Antonio Peñarroya
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  Slide Accesories: CS magazines | Standard magazines| Kodak and Elmo magazines| Hanimex,Kinderman and Zett Royal magazines| Cabin magazines| Manually assembled plastic slide mounts | Complementary accesories| Filing Systems Dark Room accesories: Tanks and Spirals | Darkroom safelights | Darkroom Kit's | Developing Trays | Graduated Cylinders | 35mm Cartridge openers | 35mm Film picker | Air reduction storage bottle | 40º Straight Thermometter | Tongs and Paddles Industrial Lab: Bulk loading 35mm film | Slide mounts 5x5 (24x36) for mounting machines | Manually assembled slide mounts | Miscellaneous accesories | APS file | Fotocassettes APS | Fotocassettes APS II | Fotocassettes 35mm | Fotocassettes 35mm 13x19 Casing film: Machinery | 35mm Film cartridge | Accesories for 35mm film | Other Products Frames: Photo Frames Super 8 reels: Super 8 reels Novocolor: Novocolor Pelicula Profesional: Profilm Private Brands: AP Accesories | Single use films and cameras | CD