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Darkroom safelights

Table-top or wall mounting. Manufactured in compliance with current EU safety standards. Power supply: 110V or 220V




For high sensitivity, desensitised, ortochromatic emulsions and multigrade paper. Minimum recommended working distance: 1 m.

110 V: APP 325100
220 V: APP 325000

Darkroom safelights


For medium sensitivity black and white paper and for reproductions. Minimum recommended working distance: 1 m.

110 V: APP 325101
220 V: APP 325001

Darkroom safelights



For low sensitivity silver bromide paper. Minimum recommended working distance: 2 m.

110 V: APP 325102
220 V: APP 325002

Darkroom safelights

Dark green 


For panchromatic emulsions and black and white negatives. Minimum recommended working distance: 1 m.

110 V: APP 325103
220 V: APP 325003

Darkroom safelights
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