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APP 313900 - AP Promounter CS II (C.A.M. System)

This small AP assembler is specially designed for 5x5 (24x36) C.A.M. System (APP 313500) CS slide mounting. It is user-friendly and allows easy slide mounting, obtaining professional results. It has an illuminated zone with lateral spots enabling centred stills. Film is pulled along through the perforations and guarantees no film scratching at any moment of the cutting and mounting phase. Stills are cut by the movement of a circular blade. It has been manufactured complying with the current EU electrical regulations. It works with two batteries, not included, model LR14 of 1.5 V. It has a spare light bulb located at the inside bottom of the assembler.

Measurements: 170x110x90 mm.


AP Promounter CS II (C.A.M. System)
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