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Following on from a long AP tradition, as a manufacturer of 35 mm film cartridges, we had the idea of introducing a new post-manufacturing process product: film loading in our own plants. For this reason, the NOVOCOLOR brand was created, aimed at the amateur sector, and PROFILM for the professional sector. Both names are registered brands of high prestige in the photographic field. At present we can carry out the whole manufacturing process at our modern plants (with refrigerated chamber, darkroom and automated equipment for film loading and casing). We can offer you a wide range of cased films, with different sensitivities and accurate presentation, as well as a permanent stock to meet the delivery terms agreed on with the customers.



35 mm Film


NOVOCOLOR colour negative film

NOVOCOLOR colour negative film NOVOCHROME slide NOVOPAN black & white film

ISO 100

APM 101000 Novocolor 135-12
APM 102000 Novocolor 135-24
APM 103000 Novocolor 135-36


ISO 200


APM 102100 Novocolor 135-24
APM 103100 Novocolor 135-36


ISO 400


APM 102200 Novocolor 135-24
APM 103200 Novocolor 135-36




ISO 100

APM 113000 Novochrome 135-36

NOVOPAN black & white film


ISO 100

APM 103001 Novopan 135-36
APM 180102 Novopan can of 30 m.

ISO 400

APM 103201 Novopan 135-36 
APM 181203 Novopan can of 30 m.


Single use camera

APM 401003 Single use camera without flash.
APM 401004 Single use camera with flash.

Single use camera
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