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APP 327000 - Print tongs

Resistant to photographic chemical solutions. Special design for resting on the edge of developing tray. Comes with fastening clips and hook hangers. Can also be used as pegs for hanging negatives. Total length: 18cm. Available in two colours: red and yellow. Blister pack with 2 units.

Print tongs

APP 327100 - Squeegee tong

Manufactured in plastic. With 2 overlapping soft rubber blades for draining off liquids on film and photographic paper. Length of rubber blades: 12 cm. Total length: 20 cm. Blister pack with 1 unit.

Squeegee tong

Stirring paddles 

Plastic stirring paddles. Resistant to photographic chemical solutions. Paddle ends with holes to facilitate stirring of liquids and quick dissolving of solids. Total length: 26 cm.

APP 327300

 Blister pack with 2 units.

APP 327350

 Stirring paddle with built-in thermometer Celsius scale 0 to 50 degrees centigrade. Blister pack with 1 unit.

Stirring paddles 


 APP 327200 - Plastic film clips

Set of two plastic film clips. One for hanging and the other one, with weight, for tensing the negative. Lateral perforations on hooks allow hanging the 135 mm film negative without damaging it. Blister pack with set of 2 units.

Plastic film clips
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