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APP 314100 - Diaclass. Briefcase for 5x5 slides


To file slides in theme categories by means of movable dividers. It includes 15 file dividers and 15 theme cards, plus a general index card and a number label for the case. It holds 450 slides x 1.8 mm. Stackable.


Diaclass. Briefcase for 5x5 slides

APP 314210 - Filing folder for 5x5 slides mounts


The ideal system for preserving slides. Plastic transparent folder to file 24 5x5 slides of thickness up to 3 mm. May be used individually in a library or hanging in ordinary filing cabinets. It is made up of two book-shaped sheets with pockets on both sides, thus preventing slides moving towards the centre once file is closed. It is closed by sliding fasteners with hook-like ends on one of the corners. Measurements: 275x213x10 mm. Supplied in sets of 6 units packaged in a filing box with an index and 6 stick- on-labels. Total holding capacity: 114 slides.

Patent nº 9700934.

Filing folder for 5x5 slides mounts

Boxes for 5x5 slide mounts


3 compartment box
Holds 39 slide mounts 1.8 mm thickness.
Colour: black.

NTR342300 black

Square box
Holds 40 slide mounts 1.8 mm thickness. Colours: black, red, yellow, blue and white.

- NTR 342000 black
- NTR 342001 red
- NTR 342002 yellow
- NTR 342003 blue
- NTR 342004 white

3 compartment box
Holds 39 slide mounts 1.8 mm thicknes. Colours: black, yellow and blue.

- NTR 342200 black
- NTR 342202 yellow
- NTR 342203 blue

2 compartment box
Holds 26 slide mounts 1.8 mm thickness or 38 slide mounts 1.4 mm thickness. Colours: black and yellow.

- NTR 342100 black
- NTR 342102 yellow 

Boxes for 5x5 slide mounts

Boxes for 5x5 slide mounts

Boxes for 5x5 slide mounts

Boxes for 5x5 slide mounts



APP 315700 - Film cutter


Film cutter for formats 135, 126 and 110. With engraved markings for the following film sizes: 18x24, 24x24, 24x36 and 28x28. Sharp blade for accurate cutting. Supplied on individual blister pack.

Film cutter
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